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You will find one of the most complete baitboats available on the market here but at a very affordable and fair price.

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Visio baitboat

Your full-option baitboat with excellent after-sale service.

The “Visio” baitboat is the most integrated and intelligent feeder on the market. The Visio is equipped with an electronic compass, GPS satellite positioning system, sonar fish finder and a complete digital dual wireless communication system.

All these high-tech features can effectively prevent the boat from speeding off course and provide a clear picture of the soil passage of the riverbed, pond or lake , water depth, water temperature and structures of the fishing spot.

The “home” position and destination can be set using the GPS. (waypoints)

Repeated correct and automatic navigation of the boat between the different waypoints can be realized very easily.

In addition, the linear cruising distance and actual battery voltage of the boat can be calculated accurately.

When the signals received are weak, the boat will change its direction and automatically come back to its “home-point”

The Visio remote control has a color LCD screen with great lighting strength and you can find all the functions on it. All this information is displayed with icons, numbers, and characters.

There is a very well-functioning security system on the boat, when the signals received are weakened or when the battery voltage of the boat or remote control is running low, the transmitter immediately displays a sound alarm so that the user knows it is time is to sail in and provide other batteries or recharge its batteries.

Full option means:

Depth meterTemperature meter
Fish finderWaypoints
GPSBattery status
Distance meterFeed valves status
BarometerHook releases status
Speed settingSpeedometer
All in one channel

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